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From the Management

Since its establishment in 1968, JEMCO has been providing the most suitable consulting to the needs of our clients to resolve challenges regarding their management and achieve business goals.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our valued clients, who enable us to continue our operation as an independent consulting firm.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to pledge our determination to develop and offer unique consulting service by fully utilizing our past experience and ask for your continued support.

We will make every effort to answer requests from our clients under the motto “Yes, we can”.

Aoi Satoh
Japan Excel-Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Corporate profile

Company Name Japan Excel-Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address 2-1-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 100-8506
Tel +81-3-3500-3575
Fax +81-3-3500-3576
Established February 1968
Capital 50,000,000yen
Number of employees 120
Main banks

The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Resona Bank,Yokohama Bank,Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation


Aoi Satoh

Member of Japan Association of Corporate Executives, Japan Economic Research Institute, executive director of the All-Japan Federation of Management Organization

Group company

JEMCO Cooperations Co., Ltd



Management Consultant

JACK (JEMCO’s Authorized Consulting Know-how)

JEMCO develops most of consulting technologies it offers to clients. JACK is an authorized management consulting know-how and is applied to various consulting programs provided by our consultants.

The method is comprised of basic and advanced technologies. The basic technology is the core theory and technology, which plays the central role in our consulting activities. The advanced technology is a theory and technology targeting specific issues and is applied to resolve them.

Management Consultants

Many of JEMCO’s employees have the titles of Management Consultant or Master Management Consultant, certifications given by the All-Japan Federation of Management Organization, which is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institute. The membership allows certified Japanese consultants to acquire the title of Certified Management Consultant given by the ICMC at the same time.

Management Consultant Certification

This is Japan’s only certification system for business consultants created on the initiative of the then-Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The system is aimed at certifying professional management consultants by an internationally recognized standard and screening procedure that put importance on both quality and quantity of applicants’ achievement.

This system is also applicable to professional management consultants in Japan and Asia who are not members of the All-Japan Federation of Management Organization.

The certification enables management consultants to establish their position in the business world and provides clients a clear standard to select consultants, helping health development of Japanese businesses as well as providing opportunity for Japanese consultants to work in an international arena. JEMCO Chairman Ryo Satoh serves as the chair of the All-Japan Federation of Management Organization’s certification screening panel.


The All-Japan Federation of Management Organization was established in 1949 with an aim of promoting management as science and making major contribution to the sound development of the Japanese economy as well as the international community. It is the only organization of management groups administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. JEMCO President Aoi Satoh is a member of the executive board.

Corporate History

1968 – Established ‘Japan Management Rationalization Center’, the origin of Japan Excel-Management Consulting Co., Ltd. – Developed own know-how of IE, Value Engineering (VE), work management & work improvement
1970 – Unveiled ‘Cost Engineering’ of ECS & PCS know-how, entirely different to usual cost-oriented theory.
1971 – Developed ‘Functional Design Method’ to be applied to new product development and improvement.
1973 – President Ryo Sato published ‘Survivable Company’ and ‘Standing on the Point of Origin’. Both became best sellers.
1975 – Unveiled ‘SAVE’ program for large-scale energy saving.
1976 – Unveiled ‘VIP-M’ program for innovative office work and administration.
1978 Changed company name to Japan Excel-Management Consulting Co., Ltd. – Became a member of All Japan Federation of Management Organizations.

– Started the publication of ‘JEMCO News’.


– Unveiled ‘VIP-P’ program to revitalize manufacturing section, completing the ‘VIP’ series (M, SP, R&D, P).


– Opened the first seminar to train purchasing staff.


– Consulting to improve productivity of white-collar workers began to increase.


– Project for revitalizing financial institution increased sharply.


– FA consulting became active. – Stepped up consulting for small and mid-sized companies.


– President Ryo Sato received the first Merit Award for his contribution to the research & development on VE.


– Launched new division ‘JEMCO Cooperation’.


– Unveiled ‘Satellite Consulting’ for cost-effective corporate group management. – Consulting for schools and government-affiliated organizations increased.


– Started convention business


– IT-related consulting using sales proposal support system ‘SSS Program’ soared. – Consulting for environmental protection using ‘Eco-friendly Product Development Program’ increased.


– Unveiled ‘Profit Max Program’ for improved gross profit and corporate turnaround.


– Consulting for financial institutions to support reconstruction of cash-strapped borrowers soared.


– The convention division became a group company JEMCO Cooperations Co., Ltd.


– Needs for CSR,internal control and risk management increased.


– ‘Standing on the Point of Origin ‘and ‘Survivable-Company’ is translated and published in Korea.

Ryo Sato published ‘CEO’s BASICS. 


Consulting for medical institutions Management reforms support increased. 


Fumitatsu Sakurai received the “Award for his contributions to the research and development on

VE”.VE activates again as the management reform method.


President of Aoi Satoh appointed Vice-Chairman of All Japan Federation of Management Organizations.


Published “Introduction to manufacturing management”.(Kokichi Takahashi)


The 50Th Anniversary.


Director of Yasuo Ohta appointed Director of All Japan Federation of Management Organizations.